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Windward PerformanceWindward Performance, located in Bend, OR, is the only glider manufacture in the United States. The bulk of Windward Performance's work is research and design, including the...

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Rhino Linings Epoxy Division

The Rhino Linings Corporation Epoxy Division rebuilds and repowers America with custom epoxy formulations and the technical assistance that helps create product-driven system solutions. 

As an innovative epoxy forumlator, Rhino provides standard and custom formulations for resins, hardeners, systems and civil engineering applications including the development of high performance matrix resins for use in CIPP and carbon fiber applications.Whether you require a bulk trailer or a five gallon pail, Rhino Epoxy has the quality and consistent product performance solution at a cost-effective price.

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Custom Epoxy Formulations

Resins  /  Hardeners  /  Systems  /  Specialty Products  /  Civil Engineering

     Aerospace Flexible Membranes Rapid Prototyping
     Aggregate Extended Mortars Fuel Tank Sealers Resin Infusion
     Aggregate Extended Grouts  Golf Shafts RTM
     Aircraft Hand Lay-up Laminating Secondary Containment
     Anti-Graffiti Coatings High Strength Composites Seismic Retrofit
     Marine High Temperature Systems Sewer Rehabilitation
     Bag Molding Joint Sealers Skis and Snowboards
     Bridges and Piers Mannequins and Displays Structural Adhesives
     Casting Marine Construction Syntactic Adhesives
     Chem. Resistant Flooring Military Specifications Tank Linings
     Clear Coatings Models Tennis Rackets
     Concrete Forms Motorcycle Helmets Theme Parks
     Concrete Repair Movie Sets Tool And Die Production
     Construction Specialties Non-Skid Coatings Transportation
     Cored Structures Pipelines Vacuum Bagging
     Decoupage Coatings Polyester Replacement VARTM
     Ductwork Potting and Encapsulation Waste Water Treatment
     Epoxy Crack Injection Press Molding Water Skis And Wakeboards
     Fiberglass Laminating Primers and Sealers Waterproofing
     Filament Winding Primary Containment Wind Energy Rotor Blades
     Fire Retardant Systems Prosthetics Wind Surfers and Surfboards