Infrastructure / Retrofit

Rhino epoxy carbon and fiberglass infrastructure reinforcement and seismic retrofits last longer and incur a fraction of the cost and time it takes to achieve the same results using conventional materials and techniques.

Rhino carbon fiber wrap and blast mitigation solutions are currently being used to increase strength and durability in numerous concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures. To add additional flexibility and UV and color stability to the structure, users are coating external surface with Rhino Lining urethane solutions.


Construction Applications

In Construction applications carbon fiber and fiberglass warp reinforcement are combined with a RHino resin system to yield cured composites with exceptional strength-to-weight rations in:

    • Aggregate Extended Mortars Construction Specialties
    • Aggregate Extended Grouts  Epoxy Crack Injection
    • Concrete Forms Fuel Tank Sealers
    • Carbon Fiber Joint Sealers
    • Concrete / Rebar Repair Waterproofing

Municipal Operations

In Municipal operations, Rhino epoxy infrastructure / retrofit formulations are being used in:

    • Bridges Municipal Buildings
    • Dams Sidewalks
    • Drainage facilities Storm Sewers
    • Highways Waste Disposal
     Marine Construction Waste Water Treatment

1310T Formulation for Infrastructure

A 100% solids, non-draining epoxy system for epoxy composites. Rhino 1310T is a single resin system with multiple choices of either 2:1 or 4:1 (by volume) curing agent hardeners for variety of fiber reinforced applications. A wide variety of Rhino hardeners are available to use with Rhino 1310T Resin.

   • Reduces installation cost and time
   • Less weight / lower thermal expansion
   • Flexible carbon fiber wrap conforms to any shap
   • Greater fatigue resistance & strength reinforcement
   • Fast wet-out fiberglass reinforcements with minimal draniage

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